Greg Arnold & The Toby May @ LES HIVERNALES FESTIVAL
22 février 2018

For 20 years, both Greg Arnold (Australia) and Toby May (Geneva/UK) travelled the world on the road as songwriters. In a way, it’s a little surprising that their roads didn’t cross until 2017. Greg toured around North America, Europe and Australia as a solo artist as well as with his acclaimed folk-rock top-song group « Things of Stone and Wood » while Toby toured North America, Europe and Japan also as a solo artist. They finally met up at a concert in Geneva. They immediately realised that they shared the same language and the same experiences, both troubadours of the new millennium. So they did what this species does best … they jammed. And from this jam was born a group, a « super group ». Two musicians throwing songs at each other: three acts in one. Taking advantage of their successful catalogue as well as new titles using their shared multi-instrumental skills (not to mention Toby’s looping mastery, « group in the box »), they generate an amazingly large sound.

Free concert